Friday, July 29, 2011

I Lost You Along the Way

by Alies Bruinsma

Could you, lonely Time Lord?
O, tell me, pretty please!
How it somehow came to be,
That our friendship had started to cease?

O, how I remember those silly walks.
Under the moons, with grasses red.
Where we shared those hopeful thoughts.
About the beautiful times ahead.

How did that come to vanish,
When we started growing old?
I took it for granted but now I wish
Your thoughts of me had not turned so cold.

Your love goes to this rotten earth,
Where you have all forgotten me,
Forgetting what we shared from birth.
Time Lord, are you unable to see?

To see what you have done;
You were gone and I was there.
Singing the lonely man's song;
For you to answer my prayer.

Time Lord, you were my friend!
You were the only I ever had.
And this lonely time I've spent,
Turned on me to drive me mad.

Time Lord, it’s not that I hate you.
Really, it's the other way around.
Don't you have the smallest clue.
About the offspring of the sounds?

Time Lord, I'm nearing my own my end.
I really don't know what to do.
I need you to love me as a friend.
Because that's how I love you.

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