Saturday, February 18, 2012

HAI-ku! (8)

By Steven Sautter

The giant pink brain
Awaits your contribution
At last, Loyhargil!

The Terrible Zodin

There once was a terrible Zodin
With wrath worse than that of the great Odin
All colourful stripes
And claws in the night
she fills us all up with foreboding

Saturday, August 6, 2011


by Steven Sautter

To wit, to hold, to write in my blank verse;
A task too much for a poor poet's pen.
Naught but poetry can describe the curse
Of the Carrionites on mortal men.
The comely Lilith, hair like night's pitch dark,
Bewitched the senses of Avon's sweet swan
And thus compelled him to write-not a lark!
Lex'graphic wonder as only he can.
A portal to open, that hag's domain,
There by the time Lords they were banish'ed.
Lo, a wand'rer comes, evil creatures' bane.
he doth bind them by name, not cold hard lead.
Hell emptied and all the devils are near.
But be not afeared, the Doctor is here!

HAI-ku! (more from Steven)

by Steven Sautter

Do you want to come
Through the coloured door of time
Eternity waits

Wilted celery
Pleasant open face in pain
Moment too soon

Abandoned planet
Ideal spot for disco with
Black light converter

Shouty beardy man
With a sword against your throat
Ask him no questions

Veggies in track suits
Threaten Hyperion III
Bleeding carrot juice

Sinking into sand
Hands pulling the Doctor down
Even orange spats

Melted face of Kane
Final mark comes not by cold
But by the sun

Bristles of orange
Androgum inheritance

On the balcony
Philosophies are exchanged
Throw away your gun

Yartek fools no one.
This best you can come up with?
You have flippers, man!

Cross acidic sea
To the home of Arbitan
Please bring your own robe

Hydrogen influx
If you check the index file
You find beginnings

Dark and stormy night
Lightning illuminating
Curse of Peladon

Enigma rattles whirring
Waiting to let loose the wolf
And the word is love

Grim visage of war
Playing with its toy soldiers
Too big. Must get help

Arton particles
Build up on the shores of space
And oceans of time

Oh arr, Jim me lad
Sitting on the becalmed sea
A siren, say ye?

Out of the junkyard
With polycarbide armour
Emerging Dalek

Friday, July 29, 2011


by Steven Sautter

Walking in roses
A pleasant afternoon out
The shadow passes

Trusted warrior
Past is catching up with us
Now we are taken

Full spedometre
Still cannot outrace the dark
Great balls of fire

Between life and death
I exist in quantum flux
Left without a punt

I stand with myself
Together we will play the
Game of Rassilon

Shatter the chains that bind
Confront your past, embrace it
Now the Wolf is free

Stormy Avalon
Break through to the other side
Remember Badon

Where are you going
Strange little girl at the gate?
Daleks don't hop scotch

Do whap be do wah
The green baby alien
Will have hybrid dad

Hark! the unicorn!
Am I dreaming? Is this real?
Suspicious stampede

To lose one's face once
Is perhaps unfortunate
Twice is carelessness

Timeless Mandarin
Trap you, catch you. Play with me?
Let the games begin.

Yellow brimmed fire
Expands to engulf the world
Earth resigned to flames

High above the earth
Sits silent humanity

From Neutrogena
T-Mat! Transport your dandruff
To the moon and back

Frozen carapace
Are you lonely in the ice?
The warrior waits

Clacking of the claws
Skittering through the darkness
Macra come for you

On glacial Telos
Cybermen await the call
To wake, rise and rule

We will survive
Enhancements cybernetic
But is this living?

I Lost You Along the Way

by Alies Bruinsma

Could you, lonely Time Lord?
O, tell me, pretty please!
How it somehow came to be,
That our friendship had started to cease?

O, how I remember those silly walks.
Under the moons, with grasses red.
Where we shared those hopeful thoughts.
About the beautiful times ahead.

How did that come to vanish,
When we started growing old?
I took it for granted but now I wish
Your thoughts of me had not turned so cold.

Your love goes to this rotten earth,
Where you have all forgotten me,
Forgetting what we shared from birth.
Time Lord, are you unable to see?

To see what you have done;
You were gone and I was there.
Singing the lonely man's song;
For you to answer my prayer.

Time Lord, you were my friend!
You were the only I ever had.
And this lonely time I've spent,
Turned on me to drive me mad.

Time Lord, it’s not that I hate you.
Really, it's the other way around.
Don't you have the smallest clue.
About the offspring of the sounds?

Time Lord, I'm nearing my own my end.
I really don't know what to do.
I need you to love me as a friend.
Because that's how I love you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Torchwood Tongue Twister

By Simon Bromley,

There once was a Welsh Pterodactyl
And that really extraordinary fact'll
send dear little Simes
to his Big Book of Rhymes
to try to end it intact-yl